The following notes from my journal bear witness to Jesus’ gracious work in and through the life of an ordinary person who was in the beginning stages of learning to cooperate with the Holy Spirit.

February, 2001, Traverse City, MI

At a SpiritLife gathering at Fellowship Church, Traverse City, MI, I prayed at length for a person who suddenly went down, i.e., rested in the Spirit.  Later, when he sat up he said, “Wow – nothing like that ever hit me before.”  I had not touched him.

March, 2001, Traverse City, MI

holy spirit, cross country skiing, vasa trail

Vasa Trail, Traverse City, MI

While cross-country skiing on the Vasa Trail and praying about our future, I “heard” God say, “I’m preparing a place for you.”  He did not tell me when we would go or where.

Note:  Four and a half years later (October 2005) we moved to San Diego, CA, to begin serving at the Chinese Community Church.  Who but God could have prepared this!

April 25, 2001, Traverse City, MI

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In retrospect, I believe that we missed a kairos moment.  I believe that I should have “faced the emptiness,” paused, waited, and quietly asked Jesus what to do next.  I wonder what He would have led us to do?

At that same meeting,  I, along with three others, spent time praying with a lady experiencing eye problems.  Toward the end of the time I sensed Jesus impressing on me to say to her, “In the name of Jesus Christ, you are healed.”  But I did not have the courage to step out and say it.

2001,  Traverse City, MI

A few days ago as I prepared to teach our Tuesday evening Bible study on James 3:1, I kept getting the impression that I was to call someone into the teaching ministry.  I began the class by saying, “This isn’t my normal style of operation, but I sense that I am supposed to say to you that God wants to call someone in our midst into a teaching ministry.”   As soon as the class ended, Pete bolted up to me and said, “Can we talk?”   He proceeded to tell me that this is the second time that he (a newer believer) had sensed that God was speaking to him.   Time will tell what God has in store for Pete.


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Originally published Dec. 10, 2012.