FireStar41rGX2KDjtLter: The Holy Spirit Empowers by Phil Noordmans opens a window to a fresh look at the empowering work of the Holy Spirit.

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Usually books on the Holy Spirit have good theology and biblical teaching, but render the Third Person of the Trinity impersonal, dull, and dry.  They do not draw us into the author’s lived experience.

Or, they are full of exciting experiences with the Holy Spirit, but they do not help us build a good biblical and theological foundation for understanding and cooperating with the Holy Spirit.  This book is a masterpiece of doing both.

As you read, you will grow in personal experience as well as biblical understanding!

Rev. Dr. Zeb Bradford (Brad) Long, Executive Director

Presbyterian Reformed Ministries International


FireStarter is an honest, truth-filled account of one “academic, reserved, Bible-believing” pastor’s journey to the heart of God.  Phil reflects honestly and truthfully on his own experiences (or lack of them) with the Third Person of the Trinity, and helps others to enter into that journey with him.  FireStarter is an important work, bringing the willing reader into a transforming life of empowered ministry led by the Holy Spirit.  Read and study this book with Holy expectation and surrender, and watch what God will do in you, and through you.

Rev. Mary Sterenberg

Pastor of Prayer and Spirituality

Christian Reformed Church Home Missions


Dear Phil,

I was able to read the wonderful pages of your book tonight.  Very exciting and encouraging … needed so much today by so many.  As you point out, the secret of Jesus’ phenomenal ministry on earth was that He had help – the very same help that is available to each of us today; namely, the Holy Spirit.  Our ability to live and love like Jesus increases exponentially when the fullness of the Holy Spirit is embraced by every believer.  This is the GIFT that changed everything for the early church, and is changing everything in the great global expansion of Christianity in our day.  I enjoyed this book’s straightforward and supernatural message.

Rev. Tim Vink

Coordinator for Church Multiplication

Reformed Church in America



Wow! I just read most of your book and it was awesome. It really answered some questions I’ve had for decades that I just didn’t know who to ask. I can see how the Holy Spirit must have inspired you to write it.

Michelle from CA


FireStarter is the best book I have read on the Person and work of the Holy Spirit and I have read quite a few.  It has cleared up much of my confusion on this subject.  Thank you so much for writing this book.  I pray that many like myself will find it as helpful as I have.

Sue, a sister in Christ


FireStarter is unusual because of how he naturally combines personal anecdotes and scholarly information. As one who has read rather widely in the genre, I can say that this is better than many which convey glory stories that few but fawning admirers can relate to or others that are tightly reasoned presentations designed to reassure the convinced or refute doubters. … If you want to read a book on this subject that is not dry, yet not simply anecdotal, and is humanly self-revealing while being dependably informative, you will enjoy this one. I am.

Rabbi Stuart Dauermann


I am about halfway through the book.  It is just what I was yearning for in my personal Christian journey.  It has renewed my desire to see the work of the Holy Spirit active in the church I attend.  Helen from Ohio


We are living in the age of harvest in which the Holy Spirit is doing a new work.  It is a work growing in intensity and impact as we get closer to the return of Christ.  Phil’s book gives evidence of that, and should cause a hunger for the Holy Spirit’s power to flow through us.  You may not agree with everything that he says, but let it at least awaken a desire for the Spirit to do something new within your own heart.

Dr. Arnell Motz

Dean & Executive Officer

Bethel Seminary San Diego


I just finished your book and it was tremendously encouraging to me.  The Spirit also used it to bring some much needed self-examination and repentance.  Nancy from NC


FireStarter is a provocative, personal journey of a truth seeker.  Phil demonstrates not only that a balanced approach to the Word and the Spirit is possible, but that it leads to radical courage and profound humility.

James Yu, Lead Pastor


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